to become real…

…that’s how i feel about us and this past year.  sturdy and steady as can be.


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One day…

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I went to bed…

in your mich lacrosse shirt- the super-thin-performance-wick-free-whatever shirt with your number on it. it reminded me of what i used to wear when i slept over at your waterfront place.

then this morning, i decided to wear your Land’s End sweater that I forgot to give you over Memorial Day. i figured i might as well break it in since i’ll end up borrowing it anyways.

i miss you and i’m sorry about last night. times are tough, aren’t they, regardless of the season. but i love you for saying we will work on it instead of take a break. i’m still a girl, and i still test the waters every once in a while when i’m feeling at my wit’s end. your past experience with long distance is paying off- you passed with flying colors last night and i’m feeling better.

good job, A+.

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I’m sorry.

I left you yesterday feeling sorry and regretful- for the stress I may have caused you, for the feelings I may have bothered or hurt, for our small fight on the way to the bar, and for the fact that you had a 4.5-hour drive in front of you.

You are absolutely the best for dealing with me and my family all weekend. Even I got a little hot and bothered at dinner on Saturday, and sitting through that long church service was no easy feat. I’ve been thinking about this A LOT yesterday and today: I make fun of you too much, my little jokes are annoying, and I need to figure out how to stop them.

You may not agree and think they are fine, but I feel like I never used to do that. Is it our little banter or is it something that I really have to change? The jokes are not the same as the fact that I stressfully told you the wheel was on the curb. I was not encouraging nor did I help the situation at all. For that, I’m sorry and I will do my best to not let that happen again.

Meeting all of our newly engaged friends did not help the situation either. I have created a new rule, and that rule is to not talk about our engagement, marriage, kids, moving, or anything of that matter for the rest of the spring/summer.

I just want you to know how much I appreciate and love you. Really really appreciate you. Really really love you.

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For that tennis ball I left for ya…

Foot Massage with Dr. Lipman

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Hey Paul

“Hey Paul!  Cheers to you on your first day. Don’t worry, it’s just juice.”

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…who would have thought?

It wasn’t even four weeks ago from today when you first told me about this Wes guy and a new job opportunity. Do you remember how surprised I was by the offer that Wes had brought to the table, and how at first, it really didn’t seem like it would turn into anything?

This just goes to show…you never ever know.  This also reminds me though of why I fell in love with you in the first place. You never stop trying and you always do what’s right and best for you.  I love it and I love you.

I returned to Connecticut today and was greeted by a swarm of emails from simoneink, our clients, folks for Augusté, and that familiar pressure I hadn’t felt once all weekend. I don’t know if it’s you, darling, but I know I need that kind of peace in my life again and more often.  When things are so crazy every day, I forget about it, but having this weekend was the first time in a really really really long time you and I were able to be “us.”  I mean, we slept in, went grocery shopping, went for walks, and best of all, had some amazing food.  For the first time in what felt like months, someone took care of me. I didn’t have to worry about what to feed my parents at the next meal.  I didn’t have to explain myself to anybody. I got to just…be.

Now, the word disappointed doesn’t seem to fit the bill, but it’s as close as I can get. As soon as my dad got back from Korea, I’ve felt pretty deflated about my whole business. The thing is, not much has really changed, but I’m less enthusiastic and more skeptical than ever.  I’m hesitant to make any more orders, and I’m waiting for my web guys to finish it up. I want to see my site and again and really test it out.  I’m not even sure if I’ll even get one single order my first six months in business, but isn’t this what I signed up for? I’ve got my business pants back on and they fit weird.  Do they even fit at all? Am I doing the right thing?

I’ve got to find a new way to breathe life into this business, because right now, I feel like I just reached this 18-story brick wall and I’m just standing here, looking at it, breathing, and not doing much of anything. My first order is to finish those press kits.  Did you like them? Any feedback?  Then, I have to just make sure my verbage for our “shipping and handling” is correct, translated, and done.

Then…we launch.  March 15th, anyone?


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S’more Pie!

One day it’s going to be the perfect day for a s’more pie.  Either when we have friends over for a nice dinner, or maybe when the two of us are feeling like something sweet. I was watching the Food Network’s “Best Thing I Ever Ate” and they featured this unbelievable s’more pie from the Buckeye Roadhouse somewhere in California.

Look at it!  Can you believe it?  Buttery graham cracker crust, melted chocolate layer, with a sprinkle of chocolate chips and toasted almonds, then topped with marshmallow meringue made from scratch!












Recipe is here:

Another great recipe I found was for, get this, hot fudge root beer floats.  Sounds weird, right?  But look at the pictures.  This could be amazing!





















(Supposedly it’s great too with Three Olives Root Beer Vodka for something more exciting.)

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Life Lesson #12911

Honor Your Efforts.

(Effective January 29, 2011)

Per my email, see below for some comps.

What I realized: If I had the money, I could and probably would hire a professional to do this with professional models.

What I also realized: Because I am not willing to pay a professional photog and models, do my photos cut it?  For now, yeah, they do.

What I should always realize: Sharing my days and experiences with you helps and does feel better. Showing you these pictures gives you a peek into my day.  Going at this alone can be really overwhelming, but I always have you.  That’s just awesome.



























































































































(These still need to be edited via photoshop. Hope you like.)

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…after some heavy brainstorming…

The following are ideas for cross marketing in Seoul to increase membership of Augusté:

1) Candy Buffet

With permission from the owners/managers of the top cafés, salons, lounges, and restaurants (not sure if businesses will go for this yet), Augusté will establish lavishly adorned, English-garden-themed candy buffets.

With jars overflowing with bulk candies in varying colors of soft pink, the gorgeous birdcage-centered “brand-scape” will evoke a 360-degree tasteful brand image.

To add a bit of “whimsy” and something American, a bowl of $USD pennies will be displayed as well, offering patrons to “take one for good luck.”  Affordable, yet fun.

Each gift bag, cloth, plastic, or paper (whatever is most affordable), will include a ribbon or card emblazoned with http://www.MyAugusté.com.  Depending on what is possible, we may be able to offer each new member a 10% discount, but why offer a discount when we’ve only just begun?

Advantages of cross-marketing: Each of the selected target partners have all established a highly respected “brand” amongst their patrons.  It behooves Augusté to “piggyback” on established brands and destinations in order to allure and recruit new members to our site.

2) Something with the Colleges
To Be Continued…

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