…after some heavy brainstorming…

The following are ideas for cross marketing in Seoul to increase membership of Augusté:

1) Candy Buffet

With permission from the owners/managers of the top cafés, salons, lounges, and restaurants (not sure if businesses will go for this yet), Augusté will establish lavishly adorned, English-garden-themed candy buffets.

With jars overflowing with bulk candies in varying colors of soft pink, the gorgeous birdcage-centered “brand-scape” will evoke a 360-degree tasteful brand image.

To add a bit of “whimsy” and something American, a bowl of $USD pennies will be displayed as well, offering patrons to “take one for good luck.”  Affordable, yet fun.

Each gift bag, cloth, plastic, or paper (whatever is most affordable), will include a ribbon or card emblazoned with http://www.MyAugusté.com.  Depending on what is possible, we may be able to offer each new member a 10% discount, but why offer a discount when we’ve only just begun?

Advantages of cross-marketing: Each of the selected target partners have all established a highly respected “brand” amongst their patrons.  It behooves Augusté to “piggyback” on established brands and destinations in order to allure and recruit new members to our site.

2) Something with the Colleges
To Be Continued…

January 25, 2011. Uncategorized.

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