Life Lesson #11611

Life Lesson #11611: Never leave your apartment, house, garage, someone else’s home, your hotel room, or even your office without checking the fridge first.

#11611 stands for the lesson learned on January 16, 2011 when we forgot to check Noon’s fridge before leaving her apartment.  We abandoned not one, but three delicious cartons of New York City’s famed 52nd Street chicken & rice.

You live, you learn!




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…a verbal “deep breath” for you this Thursday.

Hello my darling.

Just wanted to provide you with a verbal “deep breath”, as I can only imagine you are feeling tired since it is Thursday and you worked well into the night fixing that proposal.

You’re such a hard worker and at first glance, one might think that you are just hard-wired for such discipline, but when I take the time to think about it, you’re just like me.  The motivations that drive you each day, intentions behind your actions, and your purpose every morning is a marriage between proving yourself and pushing yourself for us.  That’s a lot of pressure, but one that both of us have willingly embraced for the sake of our future.  It’s like we both took a leap of faith into the struggle that is being an adult.  But, do not forget, one of the most important things you must always do is to have compassion for yourself.   Give and be kind to yourself, because the more you do that, the more you will believe that you deserve great things and all of your hard work will never go to waste.

I like to believe that you and I come from the same kind- we aim high always.  Your best is better than anything else and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. When you appreciate yourself, others, especially me, appreciate you more.   I hope you believe that you are enough, because you never disappoint me and you never will. Every day, multiple times a day even, I find myself feeling proud of you.

So, deep breaths today, and relax your mind, and carry on. Friday is almost here.


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…your name

wow. what a lucky guy!  i’m blogging a lot for you this week.

it’s so unexpected that you are all heading home to be together only two weeks before thanksgiving.  you know that your grandma would have loved to see everyone, and in a way, she’s doing what she does best: bringing the family together.  You not only get to be there for your mom, aunt, and uncle, exactly what grandma would have wanted, but you’re also going to be able to see each other again in two weeks to keep the family traditions strong.

i feel really lucky and grateful that you took me to meet her in st. louis this spring.  when you wanted to bring me home, it made me feel like the luckiest girl in the world.  you love me this much, that i finally got to see the place where you grew up, the people and church that saw you through, and the family that raised you. your grandma was so happy to meet me and i will never forget how warm and loved she made me feel.  when we first started dating, the last piece of the puzzle that helped me figure out whether or not this was the real deal, was the fact that you came from such a great family.  in this crazy world, i feel like you and i are two very lucky, very special people. we both have incredible families that will see us through anything.

the name that i call you now, is the name that your grandma gave to you when you were first born.  she saw you grow up, graduate from high school, graduate from a great university, become a real, honest man, and even got to meet me, the girl that calls you by your family name and will love you forever.

life lesson 23580: love your family like nothing else, for  family comes first always.

lucky for you and me, we are and will be family.

i love you…as much as you love me. and that’s a lot.

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…earphones for this one.

i kind of absolutely love this song. i used to listen to country music all the time when i was in high school (my hippie hiking days), but i randomly heard this on the radio the other day and it really made me think of you.  i love it and i love you.

(earphones recommended. sappy song.)

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pics from our “shoot”

I took 50+ photos, but these are the ones that I like the best.  Mary’s turned out the best for sure, both for the leather jacket, the YSL sunglasses, and the black knit tutu top.  Hopefully the resolution on these is decent.





















































































































































































My favorites are: this one of Lindsey (above with the Trader Joe bags), and the one of Mary with my glasses, with the coffee cup and her face to the side (wind blowing in her hair.) To me, they seem the most candid and “street shot-y.”

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Yesterday at church…

I prayed for you.  A lot.  I kept on thanking God that we have each other.  Today is a big day for you and I’m very proud of how you got here.  I know it hasn’t been easy, but you’ve been so great through it all and it just goes to show that with a little bit of patience, all things come together eventually.

Have a great time today, learning the ins and outs of the office.  I’m excited for you to start this new chapter was such a small group of people.  They will learn quickly that they hired a fully capable and talented old soul.  And I’m excited for that.  It’s a really amazing surprise to get to know you.  Clearly everyone you’ve worked with feels the same way, so have confidence and enjoy yourself.

Love you, darling.

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Plan C!

I couldn’t be more proud of you.  Congratulations on passing Point B and being on your way to Point C.  It’s hard to believe it was only a few years ago you were a carefree college gang leader, but I think even the old PKang would be so happy to see where you are now.  I love you with all my heart.  A few of our friends wanted to say good job.  See below!

“Way to round house kick Mary Ann in the face!  Great work, Paul!” – Mr. Chuck Norris








“Absolutely perfect; not pitch-y at all.  You’re going to Hollywood, Paul!” -Simon Cowell










“You there.  Yes, you.  You not only make the entire nation proud, but you make me proud to be your President.  Let’s play basketball soon!” -President Barack Obama

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if we got a dog and named it…

Ted Mosby or “Mosby” for short

or how about Barney?

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What a week…

Out of all the weeks for DC’s Summer Restaurant Week, it has to be the week that I move back to Connecticut.

Just seeing the big call for reservations on this morning almost made me cry.  My throat got tight and I just felt a little…sad.  Thinking about that week and how I will say goodbye to a lot of great things that I love, is bittersweet, because it’s not forever, but I will miss this “life” a lot.  It’s really the everyday, little things that made this place such a home, and I just want you to know that you did well.  I love DC and will be back.

To celebrate each other and to go out with a bang, I’ve made two coveted reservations for us. Best of all, it’s RW, so we can wine and dine without seriously breaking the bank.  And since we’re such a great team, we go Dutch on these.  I’m tempted to treat you, but I feel like it’ll be a great little present for you and me.

Our first stop is on Tuesday night at 8:30pm, where we will finally experience the glory that is RASIKA!  Based on all the research I’ve been doing, we should definitely try to order the Lamb Roganjosh, the Lobster Lababdar, or the Black Cod which has been named as one of the best dishes in the entire city.

Our second stop is on Thursday night, my last night.  I’ll be hitting the road that next morning, so a nice meal that started it all is only fitting.  We’ve got a 7pm reservation at none other than our good old Poste.   I’m not sure if they will have the Escargot on the menu, but you know that we will absolutely share it that night.

Love you, darling.


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I haven’t been able to stop thinking about something you said last night at Front Page.  One of the things that first attracted me to you was the fact that you’re up front, put together, and practical.  But last night, when you were sharing your honest thoughts about why certain relationships work, such as ours, and why you are with me, I couldn’t believe it all came down to being practical.

Right when you said that, I reacted.  I turned to you and you saw that I was confused. Naturally, it felt like a zing.  Practical? That’s it?  He’s with me because I’m “practical”?

The longer we date, there will certainly be more struggle and ugly than there will be pretty and dreamy.  It’s no secret that we’re similar- we both like things to be real and not so silly.  But there’s something you should know and always remember.  For every practical, normal thing that I do, I am equal parts romantic, weird, and creative.  I love to chat real estate, money, shmoooze-a-malooze, but then there’s always a part of me that gets a little…crazy.  You see it in me when I get little ideas about different projects I want to pursue, or the cooking/baking itches that hit me once or twice a month, and recently, the card that I randomly bought for you at Rite Aid.

I’m the gal in the drugstore that’s standing by herself in the card aisle, laughing out loud, finding the perfect joke for you.

My creative cravings are not just limited to my lifestyle, but also to my feelings.  Being with a girl because she’s practical sounds like you might have an okay life; comfortable, nothing special.  Hopefully, that’s not what you see down the road.  And if you think hard, in as many ways as we are similar, the most important thing is that our daydreams compliment each other.  What good would it be if we both had conflicting aspirations?

Happy Friday, P.  Love you.

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